Partner Schools

What is a partner school?

Partner schools are active Vietnamese interest student organizations from schools located within the South region that have partnered together to form a collaborative network and community of support. Each partner school encourages leadership, openness, cultural education, and service for not only their own members, but also for their fellow partners and the community at large. Each organization and their members make up the constituency of UVSA South.

Perks of a partner school

  • All partner schools shall have access to the following:
    • UVSA South inventory for partner school related functions
    • UVSA South’s 501(c)3 status for sponsorship, fundraising, and other purposes requiring a non-profit organization title
    • Early registration benefits for UVSA South large events (Summit, Camp Legacy, etc.)
  • Additionally,
    • ICCs (part of cabinet staff) get insight on projects and behind the scenes programs going on with South (monthly all-staff meetings)
    • Other partner school resources, like lesson plans, positional documents, etc. (everything to make organizing VSA easier)
    • Access to Workplace as a communication platform for your VSA board (optional)
    • Friends from the UVSA South network!!!

How to become a partner

  • Eligibility
    • Must be a functional and active Vietnamese interest organization
    • Must be a registered and recognized organization at a college or university located within the Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas area
  • Process
    • Organizations interested in joining the UVSA South must apply and interview during the application period, after which they will undergo an observation period that will last for a length of time as determined by the Internal Vice President (usually one semester).
    • During this time, the organization must actively participate in and assist with UVSA South programs as well as show and demonstrate support for other organizations affiliated with UVSA South. After the observation period, the prospective partner school must present an overview of the organization’s structure, programs, involvement, etc. The current ICC representatives will then discuss and vote on whether the organization will become a part of UVSA South.
    • Further judging criteria will be determined by the Internal Vice President. Further information can be found here.

Who are our member schools?