2017 General Staff Applications extended, UH VSA helps with Hurricane Harvey

Due to Hurricane Harvey and its effects on Houston, we have decided to extend general staff applications to Friday, September 1st @ 11:59 PM to give our friends in Houston a chance to recover.

In addition, the University of Houston VSA, one of our member schools, has started a GoFundMe project to collect funds to give to the Houston Food Bank to help provide food for families during this time of need. More information can be found at this link: https://www.gofundme.com/houston-vsa-hurricane-relief-fund. We also encourage any who are able to volunteer at your local shelters to assist in Harvey aid efforts. If you have any questions, you can email uofhvsa@gmail.com or contact UH VSA’s External VP Dena Thach at 469-432-1487.

UH VSA is also asking any Houston members or those involved with VSA/UVSA that need assistance to contact them. The UH VSA officers will try and assist as best they can. They also have a Facebook page at UH Vietnamese Students-Association.

Our thoughts, prayers, and support are with our friends in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Please remember to show them support, and we hope that everyone remains safe.

We invite YOU to Summit // UVSA South

Hey everyone! With UVSA South Leadership Summit 2016: “Moving Forward: Your Next Chapter” around the corner, some of our staff members and Directors want to personally invite you to come out to our Leadership Summit! These members along with others are constantly working endlessly to host a memorable Summit for all our attendees! Come out and be a part of the first step to becoming a better leader!

Meet the Staff | Episode 2

Get to personally know Binh Nguyen from UTD, Ty Pfeiffer from OU, and Jennifer Owens from UH! What are their experiences with the South? What are their embarrassing tales? Do they have spirit animals? Find out with another video release to end your week!

CoRR / UNAVSA Updates – March 1, 2016

UNAVSA Updates

  • 13th Annual UNAVSA Leadership Conference Facebook Event Page is LIVE!
  • Early Registration opens March 14th, 2016
  • UNAVSA Grant will be released on March 7th, 2016
  • UNAVSA Entertainment is Calling for Regional Representation!
    • Looking for performances and volunteers, applications will be released March 21st, 2016
  • UVSA South Representatives on staff:
    • Yvonne Luong, Lucy Vo, Ryan Valdez, Ty Pfeiffer, Anh Nguyen, Diem-Nhi Tran, Brian Tran, Thu-Mai Nguyen, Jimmy Mai

CPP Public Materials

UVSA South Applications!

general staff

Would you like to become more involved with the region and gain some wonderful experience working with a team of all-stars? Staff applications are now LIVE! The following opportunities await:

  • Board of Advisors Application
  • General Staff Application
  • General Board Application, includes:
    • Council of Regional Representatives (CoRR)
    • Public Relations Chair (PR)
    • Alumni Chair

The deadline for these applications will be May 22nd, 2016 at 11:59 PM CT.  Please feel free to email eboard@uvsasouth.org with any questions or concerns!

UVSA South Staff Applications Link

Camp Legacy

Do you miss the atmosphere from Summit? UVSA South’s upcoming Leadership Camp, Camp Legacy, will help you relive old memories while creating new ones! Staff applications are now LIVE.  The following opportunities await:

  • Family Captain
  • Media/IT Captain
    • Media/IT Crew
  • Operations Captain
    • Operations Crew
  • Programming Captain
  • Sponsorship Captain
  • The Big Game (TCL) Captain

More information can be found on the application! Check it out!

UVSA South Camp Legacy:
Staff Applications Link