UVSA South Leadership Summit 8 Workshops

  • Workshop 1
    March 9, 2020 - March 11, 2020
    12:00 AM - 11:55 PM
  • Workshop 2
    March 9, 2020 - April 5, 2020
    12:00 AM - 11:55 PM

Pick pick ONE workshop presenter for session 1 and session 2. If you are picking Simone’s workshop, you are only going to that one since it is 2 hours. Please do not select a second workshop.

Presenter Biography Description
Jimmy Patel-Nguyen How many of our parents’ stories have been untold? What moments have shaped our family’s lives that we know nothing about? After my dad survived a heart attack, I started recording more meaningful conversations with him asking about his life as a soldier, refugee, father, etc. That decision changed my life. Knowing his stories gave me a deeper connection to our family history and a new appreciation for my cultural roots. As a father myself, I want my son to know our stories as Vietnamese Americans. If you’ve ever wanted to have this type of conversation with your family, then this workshop will give you structure to ask about their life’s experiences. Additionally, we explore the many ways to creatively express and adapt culture for the benefit of future generations. You will hear a snippet of my father’s recorded story, have one-on-one discussions, and walk away with a story kit handout to help capture your own family’s stories.
Duy Dang Our failure isn’t the weakest part of our past, but the part that should strengthen and drive us forward. Our identity is never ending, it changes with each thing we do and with each thing we fail in doing. My workshop consists of an interactive activity followed by a challenging discussion of failure. The activity consists of a challenge to build a flimsy tower with multiple set-backs instigated by the presenter through various prompts that resemble past or current circumstances and possible future real-life challenges (ethnicity, gender, grades, loans, degrees, etc.). The discussion consists of the topic of failure and learning to accept, learn, and move forward. The presenter opens the floor for any stories of how someone experienced failure and learned to accept it. The floor is open for any general advice.
Thien An Nguyen Has someone ever told you “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”? Well they probably couldn’t afford two slices of cake. That’s not going to be you. You’re gonna be different. You’re are going to take this workshop and learn about your own personal finances and how to be smarter with your money. This workshop will leave you understanding how you can budget for your ham choi life style and much more. Let’s start your Journey Through personal finances and help you Self-Discover smarter financial decisions.
Mia Philip How do childhood attachments shape adulthood success? In this workshop, we’ll work on defining the four core Attachment Styles, their neurological origins, how they affect relationships in adulthood, and how one can utilize their knowledge about attachment styles to better their own relationships. We will also briefly touch on trans-generational attachment styles and how that can impact cultural upbringing and perpetuate a cycle of insecure attachment styles.
Thomas Nguyễn & Samantha Thornton

What is leadership? What does leadership look like and what does leadership look like to someone who identifies as Asian American? This workshop will critically reexamine the traditional definition of leadership, review past and contemporary prominent Asian American leaders, and introduce a leadership model. The workshop consists of several reflections, discussions, and activities to support college students who have a curiosity in their leadership development.
Philip Nguyen This workshop will aim to uncover the mystery behind why there are two flags to represent the Vietnamese people and people of Vietnamese descent in the diaspora to elucidate this phenomenon that many 2nd and 3rd generation Vietnamese Americans, the children of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants, may struggle with understanding for themselves, their families, and their communities. This phenomenon will serve as the foundation for how we may come to understand the nuances of a Vietnamese American political identity, how our political ideologies and standpoints may differ from our parents’ generation, and how legacies of trauma and resilience we have inherited from the Vietnam War may continue to shape our identities and experiences today.
Simone Cottrell Title: Lotus Rising Theatre Description: Lotus Rising Theatre is a Northwest Arkansas theatre project solely for, created by, and lead by the Southeast Asian population. We will use Theatre of the Oppressed, inclusive activities and Southeast Asian narratives to explore our current identities living in the South. No theatre experience is necessary and all abilities are welcome to participate or observe.
Alec Han Have you ever struggled connecting to others or had difficulty having meaningful conversations towards a group’s goal? Being a leader in a team or organization can be difficult and for some individuals, they have grown accustomed to their team dynamics and are not sure how to act when placed in a foreign group. This workshop will examine how to connect to individuals with a limited shared background and how to translate them to different teams. The workshop will include exercises on disposing assumptions, training personal empathy, and resolving conflicts in five different methods.
Dan Quach Credit cards are a double-edged sword. When used correctly they can become a valuable tools that can bring you countless benefits. For this workshop, we’ll go over the ins and outs of credit cards and credit scores. Learn about different paths you can take on your credit card journey and tips on how to maximize cash back and travel at a discount.
Em Nguyen The purpose of the workshop is to allow all participants to freely express themselves in artistic expression. As a collective, participants will be able to contribute to the mural and intermingle with each other’s creation. During which time, they will undergo a guided meditation whilst being free to express themselves however they wish.

Pick pick ONE workshop presenter for session 1 and session 2. If you are picking Simone’s workshop, you are only going to that one since it is 2 hours. Please do not select a second workshop.

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