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Workshop 1 A:  Politics of Us presented by My-Phuong Ly

As we move forward in our leadership, we know that we always have to remember our roots. Typically associated, our roots include our foods, our family history and our language. However, we can push our definition to also include the politics of our history and our current political issues here and abroad. In this workshop, we will explore the depths of political issues and not shy away from formulating opinions that affects what defines our community.

Workshop 1 B: Let’s Boogie presented by Ryan Valdez

This workshop is an enabler for those who feel they cannot dance, or are too inexperienced to dance by providing a safe and positive environment to learn. We’ll tie in leadership and confidence building concepts as well, and plan to incorporate an interactive teaching segment. See how learning a dance is a whole different field when teaching someone and having them understand it while getting into your physical self-expression!

Workshop 1 C: Developing Your Personal Brand presented by Dr. Rita Bargerhuff

Strong brands have in common a definitive sense of who they are, who they serve, and why they are important to fans and followers. A personal brand accomplishes precisely the same benefits. This workshop will present the value of branding and then provide a series of exercises to help each participant identify their personal brand.  We will consider a ‘360 perspective,’ where we take into account your individual passions, skills and values as well as the perspectives of those you interact with.

Workshop 1 D: Paving the Way: Your VSA Career presented by Andy Pham

VSA has a cultivation of strong leaders and individuals who dedicate their time for something bigger than themselves. With this dedication and volunteer work within VSA, they gain a multitude of skills. However, individuals have a difficult time realizing how VSA can help them create their career path. We’ll be walking through your VSA experience and help landing your first job with these topics: realizing what you do in VSA, constructing your resume, interning for experience, searching for that job, building that network, nailing that interview, advancing your career, and giving back.

Workshop 1 E: Don’t Let Your Ego Blind Your Leadership presented by Laura Siu

Being weak is not part of the agenda whenever you play the role of a leader. Stress and professional needs take up mental energy and one of the keys to healthy building is through empathy. Get to know what you are and who you are, and where you came from. In this workshop, we will focus on empathy and self growth as means to grow your leadership and to bring others together. By the end of this workshop, you will learn how to control your Super Ego and use it in your favor.

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Workshop 2 A: Connecting Cultures in Your Communities and Schools presented by Akash Patel

Patel’s Moving Forward remarks will focus on the World Experiences Model and how the model offers a unique opportunity for children to connect with people from different cultures, races and backgrounds. It also provides unique professional development opportunities for teachers from across the state on how to work with diverse students We will be discussing how you can bring a powerful way of promoting global citizenship, building love and tolerance in the hearts and minds of children to foster world peace, unity and collaboration.

Workshop 2 B: How to Lead a Team of Passionate Friends to Attain Visionary Success presented by Trung Vuong

The foundation for all great teams include great leadership and vision. This workshop strives to teach young leaders how to build a team of passionate like-minded individuals who will become great friends and reliable teammates in collaborating together to attain a singular goal that will fit into the larger visionary picture. Here you’ll take away how to lay a strong foundation with a passionate vision, inspire reliable team members, troubleshoot future problems, and create an environment of gratitude within the team.

Workshop 2 C: Your Life’s Purpose presented by Lucy Vo

Attendees will leave with a sense of their life’s purpose and a process that can help them develop it as they continue on their journey. As students still in college, attendees might not have put a lot of thoughts on their end goal. The purpose of this workshop is asking the attendees to discover their life’s meaning and continuously working toward refining that meaning. Using literacy and visual platforms, they’ll understand importance of having a meaning/purpose in their life because as the main driving force for them as they develop themselves.

Workshop 2 D: Spiral of Silence: Voiceless & Choiceless presented by Houa Xiong

Understanding how being voiceless has a complacent impact at the societal level.  Session will be partially interactive and lecture based, participation is highly encouraged. A quick review on the Spiral of Silence theory, the implications on the Asian community, and the focus on voicefulness, privilege, and racism in order to understand why we should not fear expressing ourselves and our Asian community needs. Participants will be equipped with mental tools to advance their individual and social needs, so that the Asian community can continue to progress.

Workshop 2 E: The Wolf of Waterview presented by Andrew Lam

This presentation hopes to bridge the gap between the academic side of quantitative finance and the applied side of personal finance. When looking at finance through a pragmatic approach, the audience will be able to learn more aspects about personal finance and how it will affect their professional lives. This presentation will serve as an academic introduction to personal finance and allow the audience to be exposed to finance topics before they start their professional careers.