Don’t Do That in Your Áo Dài

Trammy (TramAnh) Lai is a first-generation Vietnamese American living in New York City. She is currently the project manager at a biotechnology company developing drugs for diseases that have no treatment. Her interests lie in science, medicine, public health, and impact investing. She has a Bachelor’s in Microbiology and minor in Nonprofit Studies from the […]

When You Least Expect It

Imagine you are a VSA member sitting in your general meeting hearing all the fantastical reasons why you should join VSA. What’s the one thing you have heard over and over again? That VSA is a community, a network of individuals who will benefit you and help you succeed well after college. I think we […]

6th Anniversary Of UVSA South

As we approach the 6th anniversary of UVSA South, it feels interesting for me to reflect on how much the organization has grown. Back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was an officer for UH VSA. One day, I got a call from a stranger named Gee-Wey Yue talking about UVSA South. At the […]

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