UVSA South is committed to fostering connections across campuses, as well as empowering young leaders within the community. To accomplish these goals, we strive to host and offer the best possible programming and events to our constituents, ranging in scale from regional to international.

UVSA South's Annual Leadership Summit

Each year annually around the springtime, UVSA South hosts it's Leadership Summit. Leadership Summit is a 3 day conference that focuses on enabling and inspiring leadership. Attendees will attend carefully curated workshops on topics such as cultural identity, leadership and empowerment, professional development, and so much more. Attendees are also sorted into families and compete in a series of teamwork based games and activities, which foster their leadership and team-building skills. Members of the South region may also sign up to serve as part of our esteemed staff, and work behind the scenes while gaining experience in event planning, marketing, information technology, business and finance relations, and much more. UVSA South Leadership Summit is currently on it's 6th annual run scheduled for April 13-15 2018.

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Oklahoma Unity Mixer

Oklahoma Unity Mixer is an independently run event that serves to provide a network of resources and advocacy across Oklahoma with the vision to build leaders in the community at large. Programming and activities are geared towards team-building and teamwork relationships, networking, and more. Attendees to this 3 day conference held annually in Oklahoma can attend a variety of workshops centered around a theme of unity. Attendees will also experience family programming and compete in team-building exercises. Oklahoma residents may also sign up for various leadership positions within the event to hone their skills in programming, leadership, logistics, and more. Oklahoma Unity Mixer just wrapped up their 4th annual event this past February.

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Camp Legacy

Each year annually during the summertime, UVSA South hosts Camp Legacy. Camp Legacy strives to gear up leaders in our community for the school year, and provide leadership training in a camp-like environment. Attendees will get to stay on campgrounds in cabins for 3 days and 2 nights. Attendees will get to attend workshops, play camp games, bond with their families, meet individuals from other regions and schools, and ultimately create lasting memories. Due to it's smaller size, Camp Legacy remains one of the more intimate and impactful events hosted by UVSA South. UVSA South members can also apply for a variety of leadership and staff positions. Camp Legacy is currently in pre-planning stages for Camp Legacy 4, and now accepting applications for Camp Counselors.

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UNAVSA Leadership Conference

Each year annually during the summertime, the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations hosts UNAVSA Conference. Leaders from all across North America gather for 4 days and 3 nights in a different city every year. UNAVSA Leadership Conference aims to bring each region together under one roof, and inspire their attendees. Attendees each year will get to attend a wide variety of programming such as culture shows, talent shows, workshops, and keynotes speakers. They will also have the option to meet individuals from across North America, and get to know what UNAVSA and other regions are all about. While not hosted by UVSA South, individuals within the region can apply for a variety of positions from performer, staff member, director, and more. UNAVSA-15 registration is currently sold out, however follow UVSA South's Facebook page for more information on ways to get involved. See you in Atlanta!

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