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2nd Oklahoma Unity Mixer

Date and Location Announcement

Edmond, Oklahoma – After several weeks of planning, the Co-Executive Directors of the 2nd Oklahoma Unity Mixer are proud to announce that the initial planning stages for OUM are now complete!

One of the major goals of the Oklahoma Unity Mixer is to allow different universities in Oklahoma the opportunity to host this event. Last year, we had the opportunity to work with the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. This year, our annual Unity Mixer will be held at the University of Central Oklahoma!

More details will be announced as planning continues so save the date and thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you this February!

  • Location: University of Central Oklahoma
  • Date: February 19th-21st, 2016

Contact: Anthony Tran and Jeff Ma
Instagram: @OKUnityMixer

About OUM

The Oklahoma Unity Mixer is an event created to foster bonds between students from different universities, both in Oklahoma and the UVSA South region. Unlike the UVSA South Leadership Summit, the Oklahoma Unity Mixer focuses more on networking and team building, rather than leadership and professional development. Last year, over 80 students from numerous universities in Oklahoma and Texas joined us to make dreams a reality in the first Oklahoma Unity Mixer. We are excited to create an even larger and more amazing experience for attendees this upcoming year.

OUM: Your New Co-Executive Directors

First of all, we would like to say thank you to all those who applied for the Executive Director role for the 2nd Oklahoma Unity Mixer. Upon interviewing these well-qualified applicants, we were left with a very difficult decision to make, which we are very grateful for. As passionate leaders in our community, we hoped to foster an environment that puts us in these difficult positions in order for us to grow not only as individuals but as a community. We cannot be more proud to have received such qualified candidates for this position. Not only are they qualified, they are passionate and want to create opportunities within our community of UVSA South.

After three phases of applications, interviews, and discussions, we are happy to present the Co-Executive Directors for the 2nd Annual Oklahoma Unity Mixer. These two exceptional leaders are very passionate in continuing the vision of OUM. We have no doubt that they will push themselves to their limits to exceed what is expected of them in becoming the next Co-EDs. They both have positive and unique qualities that we believe will enhance the experience for the next OUM staff and attendees.

Without further ado, please join us as we congratulate Anthony Tran (OSU-Stillwater Alumni) and Jeff Ma (UCO Business Marketing Major) in becoming the Co-Executive Directors for the 2nd  Oklahoma Unity Mixer!

2nd OUM Co EDs

The 1st Oklahoma Unity Mixer – Together As One: Becoming A Part of a Bigger Picture

1st OUMOklahoma – In March 2014, leaders involved with the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA), the Vietnamese-American Student Association (VASA), and the Asian-American Student Association (AASA) from all over Oklahoma had their first conference call in hopes to unite these organizations across the state. Throughout the next ten months, two individuals stepped up to take on Co-Executive Director positions to lead seven Committee Directors and a total of thirty staff members across the state of Oklahoma in creating the 1st Annual Oklahoma Unity Mixer.

In November 2014, the Unity Mixer directors had a vision to have the mixer a three-day event with emphasis on creating unity throughout Oklahoma and the introduction of the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of the Southern Region (UVSA South) as well as the Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations (UNAVSA). The directors had high hopes in connecting universities across the region with an official event. With that in mind, they selected the theme of the mixer to be “Together As One: Becoming Part of a Bigger Picture”.

To further explain the decision for the selected theme, the Directors explain,

“We are all different. We are from different parts of the state and region, and yet have become friends throughout our experiences in life. We are essentially pieces of a puzzle that have the same mission and goals to help our community grow. When we come Together As One, we are able to unite and see the big impact, or the big picture, that we are able to influence. Growing Together As One community will help not only the region, not only the state, not only the university, but also the individual too. We are able to provide support for one another in our growth.”

This three-day event consisted of bonding activities, teamwork exercises, guest speaker presentations, and memories that attendees never expected would happen. There were over 90 attendees from nine different universities between Texas and Oklahoma. Attendees were not only able to fuel their passions and become inspired, but they were also able to create incredible bonds as a family. One family leader expressed,

“At first I just applied not knowing what I was getting into. I didn’t invest a lot of energy into it at the start. When time came around for the Unity Mixer to happen, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be just another event I was volunteering for. But, once I got to meet my family members and create such incredible memories with them, I was so happy I was able to be their Family Leader who they looked up to throughout the weekend.”

Join us as we celebrate the success of the 1st  Oklahoma Unity Mixer! Congratulations to the Co-Executive Directors, Committee Directors, and Committee Staff Members on hosting such a phenomenal event!

OUM: Your Co-Executive Directors & Theme Announcement

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